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Features of Asphalt Paver
1. Hydraulically powered asphalt paver is controlled via a micro-computer to deliver a constant speed. Digital display and fault diagnosis functions are available.
2. Ultrasonic waves are used to control the amount of material in the hopper and conveyor, preventing segregation of the concrete mix.
3. Self-leveling screed unit ensures flatness of resulting mat.
4. Reinforced screed plate provides extra vibration to pre-compact the mat.
5. Unique screed plate prevents accidental falling and rising.
6. Centralized lubrication system is purchased from German Lincoln, which automatically lubricates hot and movable parts.
7. Critical components are imported from overseas.
8. Ergonomic design improves driving comfort.

Technical Specification:

Model CLPS125
Length×Width×Height(mm) 6610×3100×2930
Total weight(t) 21-30.5
Diesel engine type VOLVO TAD720VE
Rated output(KW) 174
Basic paving width(mm) 3000
Maximum paving width(mm) 12500
Maximum thickness of paving (mm) 320
Minimum thickness of paving (mm) 20
Traveling speed(Km/h) 0-2.54
Paving speed(m/min) 0-15
Hopper capacity(t) 14