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Features of Asphalt Paver
1. CLWTS95C asphalt paver is suitable for paving both roadbed and road surface.
2. Built using advanced technology, the asphalt paver delivers a high level of automation and operational efficiency.
3. Crawler traveling tracks on both sides are powered separately by independent hydraulic systems and controlled via a micro-computer.
4. Ultrasonic sensor is used to control the amount of material fed into the hopper thereby ensuring a constant material supply.
5. Self-leveling sensor makes sure the mat is flat and up to standard.
6. Centralized lubrication system ensures all hot bearings are well lubricated for reliability and longevity.
7. Double vibration feature is added to the screed plate for pre-compaction of the mat. Mechanical screed extension is available to handle wide-width roads.

Technical Specification:

Model CLWTS95C
Length×Width×Height(mm) 6610×3100×2930
Total weight(t) 21-27
Diesel engine type ShangChai D6114ZG1B
Rated output(KW) 140
Basic paving width(mm) 3000
Maximum paving width(mm) 9500
Maximum thickness of paving (mm) 320
Minimum thickness of paving (mm) 20
Traveling speed(Km/h) 0-2.9
Paving speed(m/min) 0-19
Hopper capacity(t) 14