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Features of Asphalt Paver
1. 55W powerful water-cooled engine delivers excellent reliability and is able to start up fast at low temperatures.
2. Scraper bars and material distributors are alternately mounted to either left or right side.
3. Driver’s cabin offers a broad view for safe drive and easy operation.
4. Self-leveling sensor ensures the paved mat is flat and up to standard.
5. Extendable screed arm, conveyor bottom plate, and screed plate are constructed of industry-leading wear-resistant material.
6. Rigid, durable caterpillar track provides maximum traction on slippery roads.
7. Fuel oil cleaning system cleans up dirty oil fast, thereby reducing workload.
8. Advanced electrical system is made up of components and wiring that have been clearly numbered according to the circuit diagram so that inspectors can quickly sort out any fault in the circuit.

Technical Specification:

Model CLTL45C
Length×Width×Height(mm) 5820×2494×2450
Total weight(t) 11
Diesel engine type QuanChai 4JR3AG7
Rated output(KW) 55
Basic paving width(mm) 2500
Maximum paving width(mm) 4500
Maximum thickness of paving (mm) 250
Minimum thickness of paving (mm) 10
Traveling speed(Km/h) 1.55-4.62
Paving speed(m/min) 2.03-6.07
Hopper capacity(t) 10