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Structures of YZK14HD Road Roller:
1. Equipped with reliable genuine Cummins engine
2. Hydrostatic travel, vibration drive and stepless speed regulating.
3. Double frequency & Double amplitude and super centrifugal force create strong compacting effect
4. Dismountable PD model consist of 3 segments.

Technical Specification:

Overall Dimension
1 Length 6095mm
2 Width(to outside of wheels) 2300mm
3 Height(To the top of the cab) 3055mm
4 Wheel base 2945mm
5 Tread 1560mm
6 Min. ground clearance With PD 420mm
  Without PD 360mm
Main Technical Specification
1 Static line force(without PD) 410N/cm
2 Dynamic line force(without PD) 1370 N/cm
3 Operating weight With PD 15130kg
Without PD 13630kg
4 Nominal Amplitude with PD high 1.48 mm
low 0.73mm
Nominal Amplitude without PD high 2.08
low 1.02
5 Centrifugal Force-high-low At low frequency and high amplitude 292kN
At high frequency and low amplitude 182kN
6 Distribution weight of Drum With PD 9630kg
Without PD 8130 kg
7 Distribution weight of Tires 5500kg
8 Frequency 31/35Hz
9 Min. turning radius(Outside of rear wheel) 5900mm
10 Drum dimension(with PD):Diameter X width X thickness 1702×2100×28(mm)
Drumdimension(withoutPD):DiameterXwidth X thickness 1530×2100×28(mm)
11 PD model specification Number of pad feet 135
Area of one pad foot 142cm2
Height of pad feet 100mm
12 Traveling speed(Km/h),3 forward &3 reverse
  (1) 1st gear (F/R) 0~4.8
  (2) 2nd gear (F/R) 0~6.4
(3) 3rd gear (F/R) 0~10.6
13 Gradient capacity With PD 30%
Without PD 40%
Diesel engine
1 Model Original Cummins engine 6BTA5.9-C
2 Type Vertical, in-line, liquid-cooled and four-stroke engine
3 Rated output 110 kW
4 Total exhaust of cylinder 5.9 (L)
5 Rated speed 2200(r/min)
6 Max. Torque 590(N.M)/1500RPM
7 Starting type Electric
8 Min. specific fuel consumption 229(g/Kw.h)
9 Net weight 410±20(kg)
Driving System
1 Model Hydrostatic travel and vibration drive
2 Type Drive pump +drive motor + reducer
3 Model of drive pump A4VG71HWDL1/32R-NAF02F041D-S
4 Model of vibration driving motor +reducer Ratio of reducer A6VE55E24/63W-VZL027B+GFT26T2 62
5 Model of rear driving motor+ reducer Ratio of reducer A6VM80EZ4/3W-VAB027B+EM1020/MR 3.08
6 System pressure 38MPa
Axle and Tire
1 Type of main reducer spiral bevel gear, single stage
2 Gear ratio of main reducer 3.889
3 Type of final reducer Single stage planetary
4 Gear of ratio of final reducer 4.941
5 Total ratios 23.2584
6 Size of tire 23.1-26-12PR
Working Device Hydraulic System
1 Model of vibratory pump A10VG45EZ2DM1/10R-NSC10F013D
2 System pressure 280(kgf/cm2)
3 Model of vibratory motor A10FM45/52W-VRC60N007
Steering System
1 Type Middle articulated frame. Full-hydraulic Steering
2 Model of steering pump AZ-PF-1X/022RRRR20KB
3 Model of redirector BZZ1-E500C
4 System pressure 15MPa
5 Dimension of steering cylinder Ф90*45*280(mm)
Brake System
1 Type of traveling brake traveling brake depend on static hydraulic tow of close-circuit system. vibratory reducer with a brake which control by a solenoid valve.
2 Type of parking brake Hand brake
Flexible shaft control clamp brake
Oil Capacity
1 Fuel(diesel) 250 (L)
2 Engine lubricating oil 15 (L)
4 Oil for hydraulic system 140 (L)
5 Oil for driving axles(F/R) 24 (L)
7 Oil for vibrating drum 2X56(L)