xe ép rác > 8105HL Double Drum Vibratory Roller

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1. Cummins B series water-cooled diesel motor delivers high power.
2. Four-wheel drive is hydraulically powered, offering two gears for stepless speed control.
3. Offers 2 vibration frequencies and amplitudes. Imported plunger pump and motor.
4. Steering hinge and crabwalk mechanism deliver flexibility in travel.
5. Built-in wet multi-disk brake brings the entire vibratory roller to a stop after cutting off the hydraulic oil supply.
6. Streamline design. Front console offers a wide-angle view.
7. Comfortable and spacious operator ' s cab with dual steering wheels and seats for convenient operations.
8. Electrically powered sprinkler sprays water over the drum roller surface, available with a large-capacity tempered glass water tank.

Technical Specification:

Model 8105HL
Length×Width×Height(mm) 5080×2270×2920
Operating weight(Kg) 10000
Nominal Amplitude high/low(mm) 0.74/0.35
Frequency(HZ) 40/50
Centrifugal-Force high/low(KN) 115×2/85×2
Gradient capacity (%) 40
Wheel base(mm) 3368
Diesel engine type Cummins 4BTA3.9
Rated output(KW) 93