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1. 8188(k)-3 single drum vibratory roller provides extra compaction force by vibrating the drum roller at one frequency while offering two vibration amplitudes. This additional compaction allows the vibratory roller to use in tough road conditions.
2. Hydraulic cylinder comes with combination seal for reliable leak-free performance.
3. Driver cab offers maximum driving comfort and safety. Adjustable cab seat comes with a suspension system.
4. High-precision soil density gauge makes it easier for driver to control the density of soil being compacted.

Technical Specification:

Model 8188(K)-3
Length×Width×Height(mm) 6336×2330×3150
Operating weight(Kg) 18000(19645)
Nominal Vibration Amplitude high/low(mm) 1.9/1.0
Frequency(HZ) 30
Centrifugal-Force high/low(KN) 336/180
Gradient capacity (%) 30
Wheel base(mm) 3200
Diesel engine type ShangChai SC8D175.1G 2B1
Rated output(KW) 128