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1. Hydraulic drive, vibration motor, and stepless speed controller are three main selling points of 8206 single drum vibration roller.
2. Vibration motor delivers vibration to the drum roller at one single frequency while offering two vibration amplitudes. This extra vibration allows a small, light vibratory roller to perform as well as a heavier one.
3. Reasonable configurations, reliable performance, high-efficiency hydraulic components.
4. Electronic monitoring system and digital soil density gauge display real-time compaction result.

Technical Specification:

Model 8206
Length×Width×Height(mm) 6298×2420×3210
Operating weight(Kg) 20000
Nominal Vibration Amplitude high/low(mm) 2.06/1.06
Frequency(HZ) 28/31
Centrifugal-Force high/low(KN) 390/253
Gradient capacity (%) 45
Wheel base(mm) 3100
Diesel engine type WeiChai engine WP6G 175E22
Rated output(KW) 129