xe ép rác > 8208-5 Single Drum Vibratory Roller

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1. 8205-5 single drum vibratory roller tends to vibrate the drum roller at two frequencies and amplitudes. The additional compaction allows the vibratory roller to handle hard-to-compact road conditions.
2. Hydraulic cylinder comes with combination seals for reliable leak-free performance.
3. Driver cab offers maximum driving comfort and safety. Adjustable cab seat comes with a suspension system.
4. Soil density gauge allows vibratory roller driver to precisely control soil density.

Technical Specification:

Model 8208-5
Length×Width×Height(mm) 6438×2330×3135
Operating weight(Kg) 20000
Nominal Vibration Amplitude high/low(mm) 1.9/1.0
Frequency(HZ) 29/35
Centrifugal-Force high/low(KN) 350/270
Gradient capacity (%) 30
Wheel base(mm) 3200
Diesel engine ShangChai SC8D175.1G 2B1
Rated output(KW) 128