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1. This 8065L double drum vibrating road roller features compact structure, reasonable layout, and attractive appearance.
2. The front drum runs by the hydraulic vibration while the rear wheel is driven by the mechanical drive.
3. Our road roller adopts the ZN490Q engine manufactured by Changchai Co., Ltd. The Changchai engine has excellent performance and is easy to start.
4. The rear drum runs driven by the gear drive in a safe and reliable way.
5. It is very convenient for the maintenance of the whole machine.
6. This engineering vehicle can be flexibly operated with the hydraulic central articulated steering device.
7. The driving cab adopts the standard umbrella structure. It is your decision to install this umbrella or not.

Technical Specification:

Model 8065L
Length×width×height(mm) 3460×1480×2730
Operating weight(Kg) 6000
Nominal amplitude high/low(mm) 0.5
Frequency(HZ) 50
Centrifugal-Force high/low(KN) 60
Gradient capacity (%) 20
Wheel base(mm) 2479
Diesel engine type Changchai ZN490Q
Rated output(KW) 33.5