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Features of Landfill Compactor
1. SHANGCHAI water-cooled diesel engine comes with a turbocharger for maximum fuel efficiency. A cold start feature can be added to the engine for fast startup at low temperatures.
2. Hydraulic torque converter and gear transmission system control the movement of all four wheels on the landfill compactor.
3. Durable, wear-resistant gear teeth make for extended use life. Scraper bars and cutting pliers are fitted to the gear set, preventing foreign matters getting stuck in the gears.
4. Hydraulic plunger pump comes with a load cell to detect overload. The entire hydraulic system is easy to control, delivering high efficiency and maximum energy savings.
5. Centralized lubrication system ensures all crucial parts on the waste-disposal truck are well lubricated. Mosquito misting system sprays insecticide over the working area, protecting workers from mosquito bites.
6. Advanced Roll-over Protective Structure (ROPS) is integrated into the bodywork of this landfill compaction equipment. Centralized braking system as well as brakes on both front and rear axles ensures maximum driving safety.
7. Rotary driver’s cabin comes with three-door hoods which can be opened from both sides. Catwalks and ladders on both sides of the landfill compact allow maximum accessibility.
8.The rear view video monitor system and a back-up beeper increase the operator’s convenience and safety.

Technical Specification:

Model LLC226
Length×Width×Height(m) 8150×3800×3650
Operating weight(Kg) 26000
Diesel engine type ShangChai SC11CB255
Rated output(KW) 187
Rolling width(mm) 3430
Dozer blade height×width(mm) 1880×3800
Wheelbase(mm) 3500
Wheel width(front/rear)(mm) 1195/970
Wheel diameter(front/rear)(mm) 1620
Teeth NO.per wheel(front/rear) 50/40