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Features of Landfill Compactor
1. Cummins Tier 2 or Weichai 3 electrically powered diesel engine
2. Four wheels of the landfill compactor are separately powered by hydraulic systems. SAUER electric proportional control valves are used for an open-loop control system.
3. Wear-resistant gear teeth are uniquely arranged and equipped with scraper bars and cutting pliers to prevent foreign mattering getting in the gear set.
4. Enclosed, double-door driver cabin is fitted with air conditioning system.
5. Advanced Roll-over Protective Structure (ROPS) is integrated into the bodywork of this landfill compaction equipment.
6. Inside the gear reducer beside each wheel is a spring-applied hydraulic release brake.
7. Engine is mounted in backwards. Hydraulic parts for gearbox are placed in the rear part of the motor. Catwalks and ladders on both sides allow easy access to the waste disposal truck.
8.Rear view camera connects to in-vehicle DVD player makes truck reversing safer than ever. Infrared lighting system for car reversing assistance provides excellent vision at night or in poor light.

Technical Specification:

Model LLC230H
Length×Width×Height(m) 8250×4000×3750
Operating weight(Kg) 30000
Diesel engine type Commins QSMii/ WeiChai WP12N
Rated output(KW) 250/276
Rolling width(mm) 3800
Dozer blade height×width(mm) 1980×4000
Wheelbase(mm) 3500
Wheel width(front/rear)(mm) 1350/1130
Wheel diameter(front/rear)(mm) 1620
Teeth NO.per wheel(front/rear) 60/50