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Roadheader EBZ200 features a low-profile design that provides a low center of gravity and maximum stability in movement.

1. EBZ200 roadheader is a piece of excavating equipment available with a sharp cutting head that is powered by a double-speed water-cooled motor, providing large torque at low speed. Cutting teeth are properly arranged around the cutting head to ensure powerful rock breaking ability.
2. The boom-type roadheader uses the high pressure cut-off switch that operates at a constant power and automatically cuts off its power supply when overload is detected. Imported pilot valve is also available. Main control components are of well-known international brand.
3. Large-capacity conveyor is directly driven by a powerful hydraulic motor which is imported from overseas. This direct drive mechanism does not use any gearbox or coupler, thus minimizing the number of potential failure points. Loading apron is hinged with the conveyor for a seamless fit and minimized material leakage.
4. Crawler traveling track is powered by a Rexroth hydraulic motor via a speed reducer. This caterpillar track allows the roadheader to climb even the steepest slope. Hydraulic cylinder is used to control the tension of crawler chains, preventing them from getting loose or over-stretched.
5. High quality bearings are of SKF or FAG brand. Goetz floating seals and Parker or Trelleborg seals ensure maximum sealing performance. Loading aprons and discharge chutes are made of wear-resistant steel plates.

Technical Specification:

Model EBZ200
Length×Width×Height (m) 10.6×3.2×1.8
Total weight (t) 55
Cutting power (KW) 200/110
Total power (KW) 310
Sumping Depth (mm) 400
Boom height (mm) 450
Cutting head speed (r/min) 46/23
Cutting pressure (Mpa) ≤90
Track width (mm) 600
Hydraulic pump power (KW) 110