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Changlin’s tunneling machinery offer perfect solutions for your municipal government projects and mining applications. We are well established in the mining and tunneling industries using best-in-class technology, and offer a comprehensive range of excavation machinery. The EBZ260H series roadheader is one of the perfect solutions for mining and tunnel boring purposes. Features a low profile design. Low center of gravity ensures high stability.

1. The rock breaking machine is equipped with a sharp cutting head that is powered by a double-speed water-cooled motor, providing large torque at low speed. Cutting teeth are reasonably arranged around the cutting head to ensure powerful rock breaking capability.
2. The EBZ260H boom-type roadheader features a high pressure cutoff switch that automatically cuts off power supply when an overload is detected. Pilot valves are fitted on the vehicle as well.
3. The road header machine comes with an explosion proof switch box. Via the LCD screen, operators can clearly see working conditions. Menu-type operation interface makes parameter setting easy peasy. In addition, the boxes feature excellent protection against over voltage, overload, phase loss, short circuit, overheating, electric leakage, etc.
4. First conveyor is driven by large capacity hydraulic motor, resulting in less faults while providing high loading and conveying ability. Loading apron is hinged with the conveyor, ensuring smooth joining, uniform clearance and less material leakage.
5. Traveling mechanism of the roadheader is driven by a Rexroth hydraulic motor combined with a reducer. It delivers high gradeability. The caterpillar track comes with oil cylinder tension device which makes traveling easy and fast, thus ensuring labor strength.
6. SKF or FAG bearings, Goetz floating seals, and Parker or Trelleborg seals ensure high performance. We configure wear resistant plates at the places through which materials will be conveyed such as loading apron, chute, etc.
7. The roadheader uses a proprietary surveillance video, and patented floating seal and lubrication technology, and quick-change features to ensure reliable performance.

Technical Specification:

Model EBZ260H
Length×Width×Height(m) 11.6×3.6×1.89
Total weight(t) 95
Cutting power(KW) 260/200
Total power(KW) 420
Undercover depth(mm) 250
Height of gantry(mm) 450
Cutting head speed(r/min) 55/27
Cutting hardness(Mpa) ≤110
Track width(mm) 700
Hydralic pump station power(KW) 160