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1. Built with mature technology, TL843 mining truck delivers excellent reliability. Upfront cost is lower than that of competitive product. Shorter payback period.
2. Provides 30% improvement in load capacity compared to similar mining truck of the same power when driving off-road.
3. Customized configurations are available to suit the mining truck for different road conditions.

Technical Specification:

Model TL843
Length×Width×Height(m) 7960×3100×3155
Complete kerb weight (Kg) 10000
Chassis kerb weight (Kg) 40000
Diesel engine type WeiChai WD12.336 with WEVB/WD615.69
Rated output(KW) 247
Drive type 6×4
Transmission(mm) 3400+1400
Loading capacity(m3) 19
Max. gradeability(%) 30
Min. turning radius(m) 10.3