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1. Rigid drive axle has 30T load capacity. Reinforced suspension system. Main beams and cross members on the chassis are made of high-strength material. 14-24cm diameter tire suitable for tough terrain. All factors contribute to the large load capacity of TL865 mining truck.
2. Powerful engines, in 375kw to 420kw power range, are available for different road conditions. Quality gearbox provides large torque and high gear ratio.
3. All steel driver cab makes for maximum driving safety, wide view angle, large operating space, and excellent driving comfort.
4. Enhanced load capacity for improved transportation efficiency.

Technical Specification:

Model TL865
Length×Width×Height(m) 8500×3200×3700
Complete kerb mass(Kg) 15000
Chassis kerb mass(Kg) 60000
Diesel engine type WeiChai WD12.420
Rated output(KW) 309
Drive type 6×4
Transmission(mm) 3600+1500
Loading capacity(m3) 26
Max.gradeability(%) 36
Min.turning radius(m) 10.8