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Features of the Mining Truck
1. Higher Efficiency
At the same service conditions, this haul truck delivers larger carrying capacity in unit transport, and its loading weight is up to more than 60 tons. It comes with extremely short downtime and thereby ensures high comprehensive benefits.

2. Larger Loading Capacity
The engineering vehicle is designed with 16 tonnage front axle and 35 tonnage rear axle. Plus scientifically designed suspension system, its loading capacity is dramatically increased.

3. High Safety and Reliability
The construction equipment features a combination of master and auxiliary braking system. It is designed with service brake, parking brake and other types of brake to ensure totally safety in any running conditions.

Technical Specification:

Model TL875
Length × Width × Height (m) 8900×3400×3950
Complete weight (Kg) 26000
Chassis kerb weight (Kg) 66000
Diesel engine type WeiChai WD12.420
Rated output (KW) 309
Drive type 6×4
Transmission (mm) 3800+1500
Loading capacity (m3) 30
Max. gradeability (%) 30
Min. turning radius (m) 21