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1. CPCD160 diesel forklift truck is designed with a brand-new exterior. Its dynamic and streamlined shape keeps up with the latest fashion trends.
2. Adopting a large injection-molded cover allows the whole vehicle to give a luxurious and humanized feeling.
3. Long wheelbase design makes the forklift vertically stable. On average, the hoisting capacity at the same lift height is increased by over 100kg, which reduces the rear axle load and also extends the lifespan of steered wheel.
4. Reducing the overall size of the vehicle can achieve a decrease in both turning radius and width of right angle stacking aisles, thus providing better efficiency for your warehouse.
5. We offer OKAMURA, NISSAN and HC brand drives to choose from. All drives have advanced structure and reliable performance. The OKAMURA drive is designed with the most advanced floating structure, allowing the engine to be flexibly connected with the frame for minimum vibration.

Technical Specification:

Product model CPCD160
Type XW40/XW25
Power type Diesel
Length×Width×Height(mm) 4820×2490×3290
Operating weight(Kg) 19200
Rated capacity(Kg) 16000
Load center(mm) 600
Lift height(mm) 3000
Fork size(mm) 1500×200×90
Turning radius(mm) 4450
Diesel engine type DONGFENG COMMINS BTAA5.9-C160/ COMMINS QSB6.7-C160
Rated output(KW) 118/119