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Features of the Diesel Forklift
1. Due to state of the art appearance design, the forklift truck comes with streamline, dynamic and striking appearance.
2. Large covering part made by injection molding process makes the diesel powered forklift more elegant and user friendly.
3. With long wheelbase design, the forklift has better longitudinal stability and comes with an increased lifting weight. At the same lifting height, the average lifting weight is increased by more than 100kg over the original forklift. In addition, the load of real axle is reduced, thus extending the service life of steering wheel.
4. By means of reduction of machine size (reducing front and rear overhang size), the material handling equipment ensures a smaller turning radius and right angle stacking passage width, hence improving warehouse use ratio and providing suitability for use in containers.
5. Drive of the diesel forklift is available in Japanese OKAMURA, NISSAN and Chinese HC engines which feature best in class structure and reliable performance.

Technical Specification:

Model CPCD20N
Type RW10/RW32/RG2
Power type Diesel
Length × Width× Height (mm) 2530×1155×1985
Operating weight (Kg) 3440
Rated capacity (Kg) 2000
Load center (mm) 500
Lift height (mm) 3000
Fork size (mm) 1070×122×40
Turning radius (mm) 2175
Diesel engine type ISUZU C240PKJ-30/ YANMAR 4TNE92-HRJ/ XINCHAI C490BPG
Rated output (KW) 34.5/32.8/40