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Technical Specification:

Features of Motor Grader:
1. The 722-6H motor grader is equipped with original ShangChai diesel engine SC11CB255G2B1.
2. The sing-handle and electro-hydraulic controlled power-shift transmission adopts 6 forward and 3 reverse gear design, making operation easy and convenient.
3. The adopted NO-SPIN differential with auto lock and unlock function provides high stability and powerful traction.
4. This motor grader features ideal axel load allocation, so that it can cut hard surface while maintaining great stability.
5. Due to the efficient hydraulic system, every working part can be fully controlled.
6. Through the flexible blade suspension system and articulated frame, a variety of tasks can be accomplished.
7. The grader can be used to complete heavy-duty work, due to its box-type frame and advanced transmission system.