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CLD230S bulldozer is outfitted with NTAA855-C280S20 model Cummins engine, 3-element, single stage, single phase torque converter, 3F+3R power gearshift transmission, wet-type steering clutch and hydraulic bi-directional belt brake. Its working mechanisms include the servo controlled straight-tilt blade, traction device and hexagonal cab. This product can be optionally installed with an air-conditioning system.

Technical Specification:

Product model CLD230S
Length×Width×Height(mm) 6060×4365×3460
Operating weight(Kg) 26920
Diesel engine type Cummins NTAA855-C280S20
Rated output(KW) 179
Max. lift above ground(mm) 1330
Max. drop below ground(mm) 550
Track width(mm) 1000