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1. CLT100G-3 bulldozer is designed with a diesel engine by introducing advanced technologies from British Ricardo Company. As an energy-saving and eco-friendly product, it is made in compliance with national emission standards, providing low noise and high torque.
2. Main clutch: The multi-disc dry clutch has the features of large torque reserve factor and reliable operation etc.
3. Gearbox: 4F+2R mechanical gearshift transmission for easy operation, convenient maintenance and reliable use
4. Steering clutch: The hydraulic power assisted steering clutch is a multi-disc dry clutch that can be easily maintained and operated.
5. Transmission: Two-stage, straight-tooth and high-module gear transmission has the advantages of high reliability and strong load-bearing capacity etc.
6. Adopting a luxurious cab and a rooftop air conditioning system for a comfortable operating environment
7. The bulldozer can be optionally installed with various devices, such as straight-tilt blade, coal blade and angle blade, among others.

Technical Specification:

Product model CLT100G -3
Length×Width×Height(mm) 4190×2935×3020
Operating weight(Kg) 10400
Diesel engine type British Ricardo LR6A 3Z-23
Rated output(KW) 95
Max. lift above ground(mm) 830
Max. drop below ground(mm) 350
Track width(mm) 450