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Technical Specification:

model 630
Diesel Engine DONGFENG CUMMINS 4BTA3.9-C110
Front Type 12.5-16NHS-12PR(4WD)/11L-16F3-12PR(2WD)
Reort Type Rear tire size 19.5L-24R4-12PR
Rated Power 82kW
Rated Speed 2200rpm
Min.turning radius at the outer of front wheel 4380mm
Rated bucket capacity 1m³
Max.dumping clearance 2714mm
Max.dumping reach 845mm
Max. digging depth 4405mm
Max. digging force 50±10%kN
Max. digging radius 5481mm
Max. dumping height 3737mm
Hydraulic system 110L
Fuel tank   151L
Transmission 18.5L