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1. As a straight boom crane, the SQ6.3 truck mounted crane uses worm gear reducer to achieve 360°full rotation.
2. A hydraulic retractable horizontal outrigger whose full span is 5.2m is installed to our lifting machine as standard configuration.
3. Thanks to its hexagon sections, this material lifting equipment features high lateral stability.
4. The operating levers distributed near the cargo compartment of the truck mounted crane support both-side operation.
5. Our truck mounted crane is equipped with 4-function manual main control valves and 4-function manual outrigger control valves.
6. To guarantee machine operation safety, the hydraulic hoisting machine comes with standard configurations of height limit switch, over winding alarm device and high power LED lights, and optional configuration of moment limiter.

Technical Specification:

Order Item Unit Parameter
1 Maximum load moment kN·m 157
2 Maximum lifting load kg 6300
3 Maximum working height mm 11500
4 Boom length (fully retracted) mm 4046
5 Maximum lifting height (from the ground) mm About 13800
6 Lifting ratio   6/4
7 Maximum elevation angle of boom (°) 77
8 Minimum elevation angle of boom (°) 0
9 Lateral span of the front outrigger mm 2130~5210
10 Lateral span of the rear outrigger mm -
11 Maximum lifting speed Main hook (single rope) Lifting m/min 69
Lowering 67
12 Rotation speed r/min ≤2.5
13 Rotation angle ° 360° full rotation
14 Crane weight kg 2726
15 Fuel pump ------------- Gear pump
16 Fuel tank capacity L 140
17 Working pressure of hydraulic system MPa 23
18 Flow of hydraulic system L/min 60