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1. The SQ12 truck mounted crane is a straight boom crane. It features sable 360°rotation due to the employment of planetary reducer.
2. Front outriggers with full span of 5.56m are fixed rear outriggers used in our straight boom hoisting device, guaranteeing high machine stability. Apart from fixed rear outriggers, you can select hydraulic rear outriggers for higher machine stability and make the hoisting equipment adaptable for more complex working conditions.
3. A higher seat in the cab allows the operator to have a wider visual field to work safely.
4. Hexagon sections makes for good stability of our truck mounted crane.
5. The two-stage hydraulic telescopic cylinders are safe and reliable.
6. Operation of the truck mounted crane is controlled by the control valve located beside the seat.
7. The outriggers are controlled by dedicated control valves on both sides of the goods handling machinery. The use of selector valve helps prevent improper operation.
8. Our truck mounted crane is fitted with height limit switch, over winding alarm device and LED illuminating lamp.
9. Moment limiter is optional for this construction lifting equipment to make machine operation safer.

Technical Specification:

Order Item Unit Parameter
1 Maximum load moment kN·m 300
2 Maximum lifting load kg 12000
3 Maximum working height mm 15000
4 Boom length (fully retracted) mm 5100
5 Maximum lifting height (from the ground) mm About 16100
6 Lifting ratio   6/4
7 Maximum elevation angle of boom (°) 75
8 Minimum elevation angle of boom (°) 0
9 Lateral span of the front outrigger mm 5400
10 Lateral span of the rear outrigger mm 2300
11 Maximum lifting speed Main hook (single rope) Lifting m/min 60
Lowering 60
12 Rotation speed r/min ≤2.5
13 Rotation angle ° 360° full rotation
14 Crane weight kg 5800 (including rear outriggers)
15 Fuel pump ------------- Duplex pump
16 Fuel tank capacity L 240
17 Working pressure of hydraulic system MPa 26
18 Flow of hydraulic system L/min 100