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1. This SQ6Z3Q truck mounted crane is a folding boom crane with three-point axles.
2. Worm gear reducer enables our lifting equipment to rotate 360°.
3. The truck mounted crane adopts manual horizontal outriggers with full span of 5m.
4. Designed with hexagon sections and constructed with two welding joints, our material handling device has excellent lateral stability.
5. Its folding boom endows this heavy engineering machinery with a wider working range not at the expense of the available area of the cargo compartment.
6. The external telescopic oil cylinder of our truck mounted crane is of reliable performance and is space saving.
7. Moment limiter is optional to be configured to our folding boom hoist to provide a safer working environment for the operator.

Technical Specification:

Order Item Unit Parameter
1 Maximum load moment kN·m 138
2 Maximum lifting load kg 6300
3 Maximum working height mm 10100
4 Boom length (fully retracted) mm 2500
6 Maximum lifting height (from the ground) mm About 12800
7 Maximum elevation angle of boom (°) 67
8 Minimum elevation angle of boom (°) -53
9 Lateral span of the front outrigger mm 2200~5240
10 Rotation speed r/min ≤2
11 Rotation angle ° 360° full rotation
12 Crane weight kg 2400
13 Fuel pump ------------- Plunger pump
14 Fuel tank capacity L 100
15 Working pressure of hydraulic system MPa 28
16 Flow of hydraulic system L/min 25